• [Academic Skills [econometrics] (FEB22015X)] (Erasmus School of Economics. Undergraduate Level, Blocks 4-5) - Course coordinator: dr. E. Westerink-Duijzer. In this course, 2nd-year bachelor students learn essential research skills such as scientific writing and presenting. TAs in this course are responsible for elaborating and grading assignments and conducting tutorials.

  • [Introduction to Data Science (FEM11149)] (Erasmus School of Economics. Graduate Level, Block 1) - TA for dr. A. Tetereva. TAs in this course are responsible for elaborating and grading assignments, prepare occasional tutorials as well as holding office hours. The programming language used is R.


  • [Principles of Programming in Econometrics] (Tinbergen Institute - Graduate Level, Block 0) -TA for dr. C. S. Bos. TAs for this course helped students in Python assignments.

  • [Statistics] (Tinbergen Institute - Graduate Level, Block 1) - TA for prof. dr. P. J. C. Spreij. TAs in this course grade assignments and prepare weekly tutorials for exercise solving. Click here for a homework template (with Latex tips) and here for a summary of expected values, variance, covariance properties and some probability distributions.

  • [Macroeconomics 1] (Tinbergen Institute - Graduate Level, Block 2) - TA for dr. B. A. Brugemann. TAs in this course grade assignments and do weekly tutorial sessions.

Kiiro was my TA and RA for many semesters in Brazil (photo from 2019).


  • [Intro to Programming with R] (May, Florianópolis) - Short course for the R-Ladies Floripa first Meetup. In Portuguese.

  • [Probability and Statistics Bootcamp] (PPGECO/UFSC - Graduate Level) - I organized and lectured a 5-day bootcamp (~20h) to revise probability and statistics for the incoming master/phd cohorts with the materials they would need for the Econometric graduate courses. These bootcamps ocurred in the summer of 2017, 2018 and 2019.



  • [Curso Preparatório para ANPEC] (UFSC - Undergraduate Level) - I prepared and lectured a weekly course revising probability and statistics to help students prepare for the national exam that takes place yearly in Brazil to rank students who apply for graduate school in economics.

Teaching preparation was always a serious business for me.


I was TA for undergraduate statistics courses at UDESC for a year (2016) and in my first Bachelor at UFRGS I was TA for the statistics in the Economics department. I also was a private tutor for Math/Statistics/Probability for many years (for bachelor and graduate students). In 2006 I was a voluntary teacher for Mathematics (high school level) in an non-profit organization who offered classes for students from underserved communities who were preparing for University admissions exams.