Aishameriane Schmidt

Hello! I am an Economics master student (2019 cohort) at the Tinbergen Institute in the Netherlands. My thesis supervisors are dr. A. Pick and dr. A. Naghi.

I have a master degree in Economics from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (2019) and my thesis advisor was prof. dr. Guilherme Valle Moura. In my thesis, I worked with bayesian TVP-VAR models with stochastic volatility.

I also have a Bachelor degree in Economics from Santa Catarina State University (ESAG/UDESC) (August, 2019) and a Bachelor in Statistics (2010) from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. I worked as professional Statistician in various areas for some years before starting my studies in Economics.

My research interests are mostly linked to macroeconometrics: I am interested in studying and developing econometric models that are suitable for macroeconomic applications.

Photo by Bas Uterwijk (2019).


  • (July, 2021) In September I will be joining the Econometrics Institute at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam as a Ph.D. candidate!

  • (March, 2021) Together with A. Titton and O. Feltham, I got second place in the National Economics Olympiad (read more).

  • (July, 2020) I'll be a TA in blocks 0-2 at Tinbergen Institute. You can find more in the Teaching page.

  • (May, 2019) I lectured a short course on R programming for the 1st R-Ladies Floripa Meetup. Slides and material are available at the "Talks" section.